Friday, December 30, 2011

Iphone Photography

The new iphone4s has an incredible camera. The upgrade is well worth it. You can read more about the specs at the apple site

Did you know that there are lens which you can use with the iphone such as a wide angle, fisheye, telephoto and macro? Check out

I received a great gift recently. A small printer with which you can print directly from the iphone. now in addition to just using the phone's camera you can of course down load your images onto your computer and edit them using any software program you have. There is also minor editing you can do right on the phone without any other software such as cropping and enlarging the image.

The apps you can download for editing directly on the phone are too numerous to mention, but I will suggest two:
Snapseed by nik software

Here is an example of a photo I took on the iphone and edited using Snapseed:

I started an iphone gallery on one of my websites. You can check it out at

O.K...So you might be wondering what do I love about using this tool as another means for creative expression? It is unobtrusive and I usually always have my iphone with me. Some photographers always carry a camera with them so this is an easy camera I always have on me. If I know I am going somewhere and it isn't an outing to shoot I might take a Point and Shoot. However if I am just going to the store or walking while listening to my music I always have the iphone.

My photo gear spans from the G11, Nikon D60, D7000 and cameras converted for infrared. Each camera has its place as a creative tool depending on the project I am working on. The iphone is another one which is always there.....

Please feel free to comment and share your experiences with it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Photography as Therapy

My Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I don't have to tell you how devastating it is and how a person mourns at each stage the patient reaches. For the first two years of his illness my parents still kept their home which was five minutes from me and continued to go to Florida for seven months out of the year. The decision was finally made to sell the house in NY and be in Florida full time. So now I was faced with traveling down there at least three times a year if not more around my full time job. I took my  nikon D70 which was converted to infrared and took pictures every time I was in Florida. For some reason when I looked at the images I had a visceral reaction and wrote down words to the images. I connected on an emotional level and for me the pictures represented the turmoil I was going through and perhaps that of my Dad's now confused world. By themselves the images stand alone as mostly false colour images of Florida; however with the visual poetry they are powerful pieces which depicted my journey and maybe some of his.

Part of life is not having control and learning how to respond (not react) to the unpredictable and challenges we face. Certainly Alzheimer's was totally out of anyone's control. Our only control at the time was to prepare for what we thought was to come and to make arrangements for his care. I like to compare it to hearing that a hurricane is coming so you might stock up on food, evacuate or make sure everything is secure. That is all you can do. What you do if a tree crashes through the house or in the winter you loss all electricity is another story. I think of Alzheimer's as a train which you are trapped on. In the beginning it takes you to different places and stops once in awhile. Soon after, it becomes a runaway train there is no slowing it down or stopping it.

The idea came to me to self publish a book of the images and poetry. To exhibit the images and sell the book with the sole purpose of raising money and awareness. To date I have had two solo exhibits in NY and have one scheduled for PA next year. I haven't raised the money I had hoped to but the project helped me and gave me something I could do in a positive way. It also raised some money which is better than none. As the saying goes one cent at a time or is it one step at a time? You can preview the book at:

There are many sites online for self publishing a book. In addition to there is also
If you are on a Mac iphoto will also print a book.

Whether you are challenged with an illness, transition in your life such as Divorce, Empty Nest, being a caretaker for someone who is ill or grieving the loss of a loved one;  finding a medium to express your feelings and thoughts can help you go through the process. Images can stand on their own or you can write something to go with them or on them. In todays' technology you don't need a special camera. A smart phone with the ability to take pictures can suffice and there are apps you can get for free which will automatically send your image to the book publisher you go with. You don't have to have a "challenge" in life to do this, rather you can use photography (or any medium) to connect to life.

A popular exercise many people do is A Photo A Day or as is commonly known on the internet PAD.
A man who had a terminal illness took a Polaroid a day and wrote on them. They were then posted on the internet so people could follow it. So a published book doesn't have to be a goal. Images can be posted on a website. Whether you use your struggle to help others in theirs or just use it to help your own journey without sharing it, the process can be very powerful and transforming.

Feel free to share your comments and experiences in using photography as a therapeutic tool.

Monday, October 31, 2011

About this Blog

There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer. 
 ~Ansel Adams

I was involved with photography in undergraduate school and continued well after that while studying for my MFA and beyond as a fine artist. Those were the film days and I loved it. I was teaching photography and exhibiting my work during that time in addition to working as a gopher in a studio and also in a camera store. Teaching full time took me more or less away as well as other part time professions, although I still kept shooting.

The new digital age in cameras was so different. The image quality was nothing in comparison to film and it took so long for the camera to recycle itself so you could take another shot. Eventually they came out with the DSLR, but those were so costly in the beginning. Once the price came down I bought one. I must admit although the principals of photography and the older film SLR cameras were the same with the new DSLR, for me it was overwhelming to transition to. It seemed to me that I had more controls, buttons and options. I stayed with it as best I could, taking lessons and classes. The digital darkroom also opened up another world especially Photoshop, hence more classes.

My intention in creating More than a Click is to share with you some of my journey using this medium. I hope to have a new blog at least once a month. Please feel free to comment and thank you for stopping by.

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